Overwatch League Establishes Player Tracker For Violations

In the gaming world right now, one of the biggest things going on is toxicity, as well as cheating, hacking, and players boosting one anothers’ accounts unfairly. You’d think that this would only be going on for the “lower tier” players, but in fact, it’s happening with the pros too. This was proven during the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, where multiple players were disciplined in regards to cheating, improper streaming, as well as being toxic toward fellow players.

To that end, Blizzard and the Overwatch League have implemented a discipline tracker of sorts, one that will update based on what the player does, and future show his punishment for said “crimes”.

As players join the Overwatch League, the league office conducts a full review of their conduct and, where appropriate, takes disciplinary action. While the league reviews each case on its own, key factors informing the level of discipline include both the severity and recency of the actions under review. During the season, the league office will continue to evaluate infractions and take action as needed.

The rules and violations do apply to both League and non-League members (should they be brought back in one form or another):

The following list does not include players who are not currently under contract with an Overwatch League team but might face suspension or fines should they return to league play. In addition, players who have previously served penalties while playing in Contenders are generally not subject to further discipline upon joining the Overwatch League.

At present, there are 7 people on the list that have committed violations, and you’ll noticed the violations and punishments are different for each one more-or-less. It’ll be interesting to see how the 2019 season of the League changes in terms of player toxicity because of this tracker and previous incidents.

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