Overwatch League Stage One Ends

Overwatch is arguably one of the most popular titles that Blizzard has ever made. It’s brought an epic team shooter together with the personality and lore of a singleplayer title. Not to mention, the gameplay is very solid, and very fun, and Blizzard has done a great job of improving it bringing more life to it as time has gone on. This year, Blizzard took the next step in the game’s evolution by bringing out the Overwatch League, an esports competition unlike any other.

How so? Well, the Overwatch League compiles teams from across the world to represent cities of the world, not unlike how major sports leagues do it. Blizzard is hoping this new style of esports tournaments sets a trend for the rest of the games doing tournaments. And it’s already off to a pretty good start, as the first stage of Season 01 has ended.

Each Season has five stages before the playoffs commence, and last Saturday, the London Spitfire emerged victorious.

Ovewratch League

Funnily enough, when they faced off against the New York Excelsior in the finals of the first stage, they were down 0-2, but they fought and clawed their way back to get the victory.

“Losing the first two maps, we thought, ‘Hey, we couldn’t let it end like this,'” Spitfire tank Hong “Gesture” Jae-Hee said to ESPN. “We rallied back and won a game. After that, we were like, ‘Hey, it’s 2-1. Might as well.'”

Might as well indeed, and they clawed back to 2-2, and then took it on the fifth and final map. Ensuring that this Overwatch League Stage 1 finale was something to remember. As the winners of the Stage, the London Spitfire get $125,000.

So, what’s next? Well, all teams get a well-deserved break to relax and figure out to do in Stage 2, which arrives on February 21st.

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