Overwatch: Storm Rising Starts Today

Sometime today, Overwatch players can look forward to the start of the Storm Rising co-op event.


Another Archives event will start today, and this time we see a team that’s trying to hunt down an accountant. Pretty standard affairs for our Overwatch heroes. This time we’re going to enter a team that’s led by Tracer and consists of Genji, Winston, and Mercy. Their job? To extract a well-guarded accountant called Omnic. Why would anyone want to get their hands on an accountant, especially the good guys? That’s because this guy is working for Doomfist, the big bad boss of Talon.

The video that Blizzard showcased where the team tries this mission is rather hilarious. It’s very poorley planned, extremely sloppy, and all over the place. Probably how it’s going to look like in-game once Storm Rising starts.


Still, we’re quite happy to get any kind of new Overwatch content, and these Archives co-op missions are rather fun. They give us more lore information, more cosmetics, and new modes to play. What more can you ask for? Judging from the video, players will need to come up with an ambush somewhere and quickly hit the middle of the convoy. We’re guessing that shock tactis are going to be excellent here, so hit hard and fast and disappear before anyone can figure out that the target is missing.


Are you excited about the Storm Rising event? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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