Overwatch’s Baptiste Gets New Lore From Blizzard

Overwatch is about to get another hero in the form of the combat medic known as Baptiste. This character used to be a part of Talon, but now is on the side of good, and with his healing and attack capabilities, he’s going to be someone who really changes the battlefield of the game. But, of course, gamers are wanting to learn more about this new character. So, Blizzard did an AMA on their forums and answered some key questions about him.

For example, why did he leave Talon?

When Baptiste first joined Talon, he was a squad combat medic undertaking security missions as he had in the Caribbean Coalition. As the team’s medic, he was shielded from the decision making that happened at higher levels than he was at. Over time, his squad was assigned to more and more questionable missions: assassinations and operations with no regard to civilian casualties that caused significant damage and destruction. Like the frog in the pot of boiling water, the temperature was raised so slowly on Baptiste and his squadmates that it was only later that he realized how far they had fallen. Forced to confront what he had become a part of, he tried to convince the others to join him, but ultimately he was the only one who decided to leave.


One fan asked if Sombra and Baptiste had a relationship at all since they were both in Talon for a time. Blizzard replied:

“Baptiste and Sombra met for the first time while both were working for Talon. Over time, they became good friends. Sombra likes to keep an eye on everything, but she’s also looking out for Baptiste, even though he left Talon. It’s always nice to see what her old buddy has been up to.”

Check out the full AMA for even more lore on Baptiste, and get ready to play as him when he arrives on March 19th.

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