Owners Of The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition Can Use Their Buddy Pass Now

If you have the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition then you get access to your Buddy Pass.

How to gift your Buddy Pass to a friend
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Folks that got the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition can now use their Buddy Pass to introduce some friends to this game streaming thing. Shame, Stadia already left a horrible impression on anyone that bought this service. Who saw that coming? Well, absolutely everyone. Ever since Stadia got announced people were skeptic. Now, with a ridiculously small amount of launch titles and most of its features missing, can we call Google Stadia dead on arrival? Not quite, but it’s pretty close. At least anyone that bought the Google Stadia Founder’s Edition can let one of their friends enjoy a 3-month free trial of the Stadia Pro subscription. This subscription lets you access the games that are currently available for Stadia, and Google is expanding the list slowly with new titles.

They really are trying to fix the situation with its game streaming service. Farming Simulator 19 and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition are coming in December to Stadia Pro subscribers. Anyone that bought the game can get a refund. With the Buddy Pass, you can let one of your friends try the service. When the 3-month period expires, they can continue the service by paying for it or cancel it completely.


How to redeem a Buddy Pass
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