Past Games Are The Reason For Halo Infinite Not Being Out Yet

The first three games in the Halo series helped the game in regards to first-person shooters and multiplayer combat. That’s why it’s so beloved in the video game world today. But, ever since Bungie left, and possibly even before that, the games haven’t been as good. To that end, 343 Industries has tried to do their best by the fans with Halo 4 & 5, with mixed results. And now, they’re making Halo Infinite, which has been announced…but not shown in detail at all.

Bonnie Ross, the head of 343, talked to USGamer recently and explained that past development with Halo has led to the long time on Halo Infinite.

“We promised the team that for Halo 5, we would do the work. And we did a ton of work to improve the engine along the way, but we promised them that we would do the work to really create tools and pipeline that was easy to work in so that we could help prevent crunch. And we didn’t do that for Halo 5. It ended up being a bigger game than we thought it was and we didn’t have time. When we shipped Halo 5, it definitely was a point of, I think, crisis with the team.”

Halo: Infinite

She went on to reflect on how Halo 5 affected Infinite:

“That’s why we’ve taken a bit more time—usually it’s three years between every Halo—to really do the investment in the engine and the tools and pipeline, and we’re still working on it. But we showed it at E3 last year, and it is basically trying to create an environment that we can build the game better, faster, and ideally, you know, prevent crunch. I think there will always be with any game, I think there will be times where we need to work longer hours. But I think that we need to be really deliberate with that because it’s not fair to the team, and the team doesn’t want to do it. And so we’re trying to work out how do we create the best environment to hopefully mitigate that.”

The game will release whenever it is done.

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