Path of Exile 2 Showcases New Act And Weapons

A new Path of Exile 2 gameplay walkthrough showcases a new Act with new weapons, monsters, skills, the central hub, and bosses.

Path of Exile 2 new weapons
Image credit: GGG

The insane visual upgrade

First things first, Path of Exile 2 looks stunning. I know everyone’s talking about that but there’s a reason. Don’t get me wrong, Path of Exile isn’t an ugly game by any means. But it doesn’t look modern, so to speak. Path of Exile 2, on the other hand, with its animations, VFX, and art direction is on another level.

The main character switching stances when using different weapons and running at different speeds for example. Enemies fluidly jumping over their frozen allies to assault the player. Comets striking the ground fiercely and shaking it during impact. It all looks and sounds like a masterfully crafted triple-A action RPG.

Path of Exile 2 new weapons
Image credit: GGG

A stronger narrative with stronger enemies

This time the story is quite enticing, right from the start. A huge mobile caravan is the main hub of the second Act. You and the nomads must track down a nasty villain called The Perennial King, but he keeps escaping. But, once you go back to the caravan, players pick their next zone themselves. Then the caravan travels there and settles down. It waits for the player to do all the quests, slay all the monsters, and get all the loot. Then you move on to the next, clearing out the whole Act and finally killing the boss.

The enemies, while looking insanely strong and scary also are strong and scary. Whoever was playing the gameplay walkthrough had to use their health flask quite a lot. The early game of Path of Exile 2 is fast, dangerous, and incredibly satisfying from the looks of it. Exactly what it’s supposed to be from the start, instead of getting to that point in the end-game.

Path of Exile 2 also introduces new weapons and skills

Spears, the weapons for agile attacks and dodges. Crossbows, slow firing rate but devastating damage. Both new additions come with all kinds of new skills. Spears have the usual stabby-stab you a million times in quick succession ability, a move that plants lots of spikes through the ground that damage enemies who walk over them, and a whirlwind spear storm that grows larger the more you use it and standing in it but also explodes when you leave it.

Crossbows have armor-piercing, freezing, and blazing rounds. The character yelling the name of each while switching to them is annoying as hell, but that is getting fixed in the future (I hope). But, different crossbows come with different abilities. The second one transforms the regular attack into artillery. Check out the gameplay walkthrough below to see everything in action for yourself:

So, how hyped are we about Path of Exile 2? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below!

Path of Exile 2 new weapons
Image credit: GGG

You can always play the first Path of Exile while you wait, or you can pick up Diablo III for an insanely low price on HRK Game and play that as well while we wait for 2022!

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