Pathologic 2 Will Soon Let You Tweak Its Difficulty

Seems like Pathologic 2 was too grueling for the players, so the devs will let you tone down the suffering in an upcoming update.

Pathologic 2

If you’ve played the first Pathologic game, you’ve met suffering. A title that makes its grim and horrifying atmosphere drill into your brain with its strange and obscure gameplay. As you can imagine, the sequel took all of this, and then turned it up to 11. People that are looking for a strange, brutal, and difficult title will find themselves right at home with Pathologic 2. But, it seems like the game was a bit too confusing for most of the player base. The devs noticed this, and are preparing to release an update that is coming with a difficulty slider.

We haven’t played this title yet, as it isn’t our cup of tea. Some devs want their games to be like this. An unforgiving and demanding experience that is meant to be experienced by the most hardcore of players. In certain cases, these games actually prove to be a bit too punishing.

Pathologic 2

Even something like Pathologic 2 needs to have that tiny bit of fun in its gameplay formula. If that is missing, the game becomes frustrating. Too much frustration and you’re not playing a game, you’re just stressing yourself out intentionally. In their Steam post the devs said:

Judging by your feedback, Pathologic 2 is actually balanced in a way that achieves all that.

However, we have received clear feedback that the game is too hard—and we don’t think that everyone who says that misses the point of the experience. People are different and have different attention spans and patterns. So we’re fine with allowing the players to tweak the game a bit to account for this fact.

It’s better for fans to tweak the game and play it at all, than to avoid it completely because they couldn’t even figure out how to survive the very beginning.

Pathologic 2

If you’ve played Pathologic 2, do you think that it is too hard?

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