PC Version Of Monster Hunter World Finally Getting Autumn Harvest

Today is the day when the Monster Hunter World event known as Autumn Harvest ends for console players. But, there is some good in every bad, and in this case, PC players can rejoice.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a co-op game that revolves around killing really big and dangerous monsters. Pretty obvious, but underneath that simple idea lies so much more. Ingenius combat, where you have to learn about the prey that you’re hunting. You can just run into some big baddie with no knowledge on how to take him down. Well, you can, but you probably won’t survive that encounter. What we want to say is that this game has so many complex mechanics it really makes you think. You’re a hunter, and this game makes sure you act like one.

Monster Hunter World

So, what is this Autumn Harvest event everyone is talking about? Well, as you most certainly know, Halloween is on the way. The whole month of October is a spookfest, so we get these exclusive themed events that revolve around Halloween. For Monster Hunter World, it’s the Autumn Harvest. It comes with decorations, new quests, and new items to obtain. On October 5th, the Handler’s Mischievous Dress, various new sticker sets, hairstyles, and gestures will be available.

As far as those decorations are concerned, you really need to take a look at them. Whoever did these put a lot of effort, as they are quite spectacular. The new quests include, Up at the Crack of Dawn, Every Hunter’s Dream, and the Vespoid Infestation Challenge Quest.




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