PC Version Of Monster Hunter: World Is Getting A Visit From Geralt

This anticipated crossover between Monster Hunter: World and the Witcher 3 is finally coming to the PC version of the game.

Monster Hunter: World

The crossover between The Witcher 3 and Monster Hunter: World seems like a perfectly logical move. Both games have worlds that are infested with monsters that like to kill people. Both games also have people that are trained to hunt down these monsters. It’s a shame that PC players had to wait for so long in order for Geralt to arrive to their version of the game. Since console players got this event way back in February for some reason.

This limited time crossover brings Geralt straight to the New World together with new threats, quests, and weapons and armor. There’s the Special Assignement – Contract: Trouble in the Ancient Forest and there’s the Event Quest – Contract: Woodland Spirit. The first one lets you play as Geralt and go on a special quest that has RPG elements featured in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Once you finish this Contract you’re going to get a special item, a gesture, a new guild card background, and even new poses and titles.

Monster Hunter: World

Don’t worry, you’re also get materials so that you can craft the “Geralt
α” full armor set and the “Witcher’s Silver Sword” sword and shield. This special assignment will always be available in Monster Hunter: World, while the Event Quest that starts on May 17th is only going to be available for a limited amount of time. When you finish Contract: Woodland Spirit, you get materials that let you craft the Ciri α” full armor set and the “Zireael” dual blades.

Are you ready to hunt down some monsters in MHW as Geralt?

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