Phoenix Point Got Delayed

Phoenix Point, the game that is the spiritual successor to X-Com, got delayed in order to be polished up some more.

Phoenix Point

Those of you that fell in love with XCOM 2 and were looking forward to Phoenix Point to satisfy your thirst for alien destruction in tactical turn-based battles will be disappointed. Well, not a lot, just a little, as Phoenix Point got delayed. It’s not by much, and backers will get a new version of the game to play in March. So, this all isn’t all that heartbreaking, as the biggest fans get something to play in the end, and others can wait three more months.

Are you familiar with Phoenix Point? The original maker of X-Com is working on this game, and it’s very much like the XCOM games from the recent 8 years, just with a different kind of aliens. These ones like to absord DNA from other creatures and incorporate it, so you will be facing some pretty ugly mutated bastards.

Phoenix Point

Players were supposed to face these mutated aliens in June. But, since the devs want more time to polish up the ugly bastards that we will be fighting, and other things as well, they decided to launch the game in September. As we said, the backers will get access to a new version of the game to play which will have new content.

So, in many ways, even though these are bad news, they aren’t that bad. Even the comments on delay announcement are very supportive. Players are ready to wait for as long as it takes for the devs to make the game good. We’re honestly quite surprised that there is no backlash.

Phoenix Point

Will you be playing Phoenix Point once it gets released? Tell us your thoughts and opinions on this XCOM-like alien invasion game in the comments section down below!

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