Pick Up Control for Free While You Still Can

Control is a rare third-person action-adventure that brings a strange, fresh, and enjoyable experience to the genre, and it’s free right now.

Control free
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Control is one of the few action-adventure games that shows a peculiar world and events without feeling confusing. Sure, there’s a lot of mystery regarding our female lead and her history with her company. There’s also the missing brother thing. You also have strange reality-warping shenanigans happening all around you. Yet, none of it ever feels out of place or overexaggerated.

Add in the fact that the player gets all sorts of crazy and warped powers to play with. Most of which are insanely fun to use against your foes. The boss fights are spectacular, the worldbuilding is excellent, and the story is alright. Nothing special, but it serves its purpose.

On one hand, this is a stellar third-person action-adventure that has a lot of well-executed and fresh ideas. On the other hand, it’s not exactly a cheap title. Then again, why buy the game when you can just go and pick it up for free?

The Epic Games Store continues its “giving away awesome games” trend. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Head on over and pick up Control for free while you still can. The offer ends on 6/17/2021 at 5:00 PM.

Control free
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Those that have the base game but want Control Ultimate Edition can buy it with a hefty discount over at HRK Game today!

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