Pick Up Obduction For Free While You Can

Obduction is an adventure/puzzle game with exceptional visuals and a gripping story, and it’s free right now on GoG.

Obduction doesn’t have the iconic look of other Cyan classics like Myst and Riven, but it is still a wonderful title that you should try out. It’s free to grab right now and for the next 20 hours or so. It’s an immersive puzzle game with a vivid setting and alien technology. The game’s story is quite interesting, but anyone that doesn’t have the patience to figure out how this world works will quickly get annoyed. These kinds of puzzle titles are slow burners. You have to figure out how to use alien machines, and that can’t be achieved easily.

Obduction offers the same kind of gripping level design that you’ve seen in The Witness, Myst, and so on. Everything revolves around your ability to soak up as much “random” information and then use it to overcome any obstacles that the game throws at you.

Fans of strange and quirky puzzles will feel right at home once they start encountering certain problems. Even though certain ones might seem impossible, just think about it a bit more and it will become clear. There’s not much to say about a game like this to someone that is unfamiliar with the genre. If you want challenging puzzles and strange worlds, this is something that is worth looking into.

Obduction won’t stay free forever, so pick it up right now!

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