Planet Alpha Gets Stellar Trailer And Release Date

Platformers are starting to have such amazing graphics that they are blowing our minds. A game called Planet Alpha came out with a trailer which shows absolutely jaw-dropping visuals. We even got a release date for this platformer.

Planet Alpha

It is quite amazing to see someone make a game as beautiful as this that doesn’t have the budget of a triple-A game. Just how brilliant are the visuals? Well, such intense and captivating colors are a rare site, and we don’t remember when was the last time we’ve seen visuals as impressive as these. Planet Alpha’s trailer showed us how brilliant the interchangeable environments that we will be exploring are. The trailer also gives a really effective vibe of dread as the character that we will be controlling runs away from strange and enormous robot enemies.

Planet Alpha

The trailer is named “Survival” and it shows us just how terrifying the enemies are in this game. We will have the power of rotating and controlling the alien planet that we are exploring along the way. There is a Limbo feel to the game, especially when it comes to our character and his movements. But, unlike Limbo, Planet Alpha has such vibrant and intense colors that they attract your gaze and it stays there.

Planet Alpha

The developers are really giving it their best with this game, and that is obvious in the trailer. Such a beautiful title will with a doubt be noticed by many people when it comes out on September 4th, as it should be. These kinds of visuals are a treat for the eyes, so if you haven’t, definitely go and check out both trailers for this platformer.


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