Play PoE 2: Deadfire With Turn-Based Combat In New Update

If real time combat isn’t your thing, a free update is coming to PoE 2: Deadfire which will introduce turn-based combat.

PoE 2: Deadfire
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Real-time combat in an RPG like PoE 2: Deadfire is usually hit-or-miss for most players. Fans of the genre like to pause the combat and micromanage each of their characters, but that can get tedious over time. Or maybe you forget to perform that one spell that could have saved one of your characters because you’re in the middle of a huge battle.

Obsidian Entertainment, being the brilliant developers that we all love and respect, decided to bring turn-based combat to their grand RPG.

Image: Shacknews

You can watch a video here where Josh Sawyer, the game director, talks about what this means for the game. Naturally, it makes PoE 2: Deadfire easier. But not in the way that you might think. It just gives players all the time they need in order to manage all of their characters and their abilities, which is really hard to do in real-time no matter the fact that you can pause time.

Think of it as a quality-of-improvement, and many players are going to appreciate it. Bringing turn-based combat also means that some players that were avoiding the game because of the real-time combat can now give it a chance!

PoE 2: Deadfire

Patch 4.1 is bringing the beta version of turn-based combat to all owners of the game. You won’t be able to switch to it in your current campaign if you want turn-based combat. Yes, that also means that once you’ve seleceted either real-time or turn-based combat, you’re stuck with it for the rest of the game.

This free update is coming to the game on January 24th, 2019.

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