Pokemon-like Temtem Has A Stress Test Coming

The Pokemon-like Temtem is going to have a stress test soon that anyone can try for free with a bunch of other people.

Creatures on a beach in Temtem
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Do we have any games that are like Pokemon? You know, that have a gameplay formula of: “Go collect some cool and cute creatures and have them battle other cool and cute creatures?”. Those that are out there aren’t nearly as popular as the Pokemon franchise. So, this market still hasn’t seen anything as major as its main product. Maybe Temtem is just that. There’s thankfully the upcoming Temtem stress test that anyone can take. Free for anyone to try it. A game like Pokemon with MMO elements and some minor RPG elements as well.

Temtem has a story campaign, an online world, there’s co-op as well. We can all have a go at it on January 11th. I for one think that this will be quite fun if they nail the MMO part. Imagine a world full of these Temtems and other Temtem players catching them. Sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it? If you like its first stress test, two others are coming on the 17th and 19th.

A Temtem trainer and his Temtem
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