Prince of Persia Remake Skips E3 and Announces Delay

The Prince of Persia remake received multiple delays but this time it announces a delay and also lets everyone know not to expect E3 gameplay.

Prince of Persia remake E3
Image credit: Ubisoft India

The Prince of Persia games are cult classics as one would call them. Excellent action-adventure games with a soul. That’s something you don’t see in 90% of modern titles. Precisely why everyone got worked up when Ubisoft announced a remake.

Now, the game already received a delay. Multiple delays in fact. Now it gets another one added to the list. But let’s not be too judgemental. Ten delays are still better than a broken game. We also need to consider the fact the remake is being handled by Ubisoft India, a low-profile studio. They’re not experienced industry veterans with hundreds of projects under their belt.

Yet, I am incredibly sad we won’t see or hear anything about the Prince of Persia remake at Ubisoft Forward, which is like E3 but exclusively for Ubisoft titles. It must mean the game still isn’t ready for the spotlight. That can be a cause for concern, but we should remain hopeful.

What do you think, will the Prince of Persia remake live up to the hype? Or will it be another case of a mediocre remaster sold for an insanely high price? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below!

Prince of Persia remake E3
Image credit: Ubisoft India

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