Psychonauts 2 Comes With an Invincibility Mode

The developers of Psychonauts 2 want everyone to play and enjoy their game to its fullest so they have an optional invincibility mode.

Psychonauts 2 invincibility mode
Image credit: Double Fine

I never understood people who got mad when devs put easy modes, story modes, or something else that makes the experience a lot easier for people that want to relax and just have fun with the game. Some people either:

  • Can’t put a ton of hours into learning the game’s systems and mechanics because of work or other obligations
  • Want to relax when they’re gaming
  • Just have a hard time grasping the mechanics of some of the more skill-intensive games

Them playing on an easier mode doesn’t affect you, so why are you mad it exists? I’m glad a lot of devs agree with this, one of them being Double Fine. They’re the developers of Psychonauts 2, a game that’s coming with an invincibility mode option.

Accessibility is important. It’s fine if the developer has a vision for the game. Dark Souls being the prime example. It’s a franchise built on a dark atmosphere, a grim world, and brutal combat. Yet some love all those aspects but find the combat too challenging. Why wouldn’t those people get a mode or option that lowers the difficulty a bit?

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving the player the freedom to play how they like. Double Fine perfectly encapsulates the right dev mentality when it comes to difficulty in games.

Psychonauts 2 invincibility mode
Image credit: Double Fine

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