PUBG Banned By The Taliban

PUBG is the latest app that the Taliban banned, as it promotes violence and misleads the younger generations, according to the Afghan government.

PUBG Taliban
Image credit: KRAFTON, Inc.

PUBG is a battle royale game, one that focuses on gritty and hardcore PvP gameplay. Afghanistan users lose their access to the game within three months. Khaama Press reports that the decision came after Afghanistan’s Ministry of Telecommunications finished its meeting with a Sharia law enforcement official and other security representatives.

TikTok is also on the chopping block. However, this app has one month to leave the phones of the people of Afghanistan. Right now, only the mobile version of PUBG will get banned by the Taliban. The PC and console versions aren’t affected by this decision.

Did this ban come out of nowhere? No, as PUBG dominates the Afghanistan internet traffic as the early periods of 2021 saw up to 100k Afghanistan players online at once. Since then, government officials called for the game’s ban. Thankfully, anyone can get a VPN these days.

PUBG players from Afghanistan can always use VPNs to battle their oppressors. This is just one of many cases of suppression from the Taliban. They blocked over 23 million websites that showed “immoral content” to their users.

PUBG Taliban
Image credit: KRAFTON, Inc.

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