PUBG Lite Is a Free-To-Play Version Of The Game

PUBG Lite is like PUBG, but it’s free and it doesn’t require a strong PC to run it, which could be a massive swing in the battle royale genre.


What was the biggest reason Fortnite got so much more popular than PUBG? Well, ignore the fact that PUBG had a lot of freaking bugs and optimatization problems. Free, Fortnite was free, while PUBG wasn’t, and that was the biggest difference that resulted in Fortnite taking over the world by storm.

The people behind PUBG came up with PUBG Lite, which is a version of the game that will be free-to-play, and it won’t be very demanding so that older computers and laptops can play it. Now, while this is an excellent move that may put their game back on the map, it could be too late now. We’ll drop a picture down below so that you can see the minimum and recommended requirements for PUBG Lite.


The beta test for this title is now underway in Thailand, and we’re guessing that it’s coming to other regions as well quite soon. To make things clear, PUBG Lite is a separate game from PUBG, with its own development team and such. It’s going to have solo, duo, and squad play in the third-person perspective, and the beta version currently offers only the Erangel map.

Other maps and content will be coming later, as the development team wants feedback from the beta test. What do you think, is this a smart move? Or will the free-to-play version just kill the current PUBG game? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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