PUBG’s Molotovs Are Getting A Buff

When was the last time you saw a Molotov in PUBG? Since we started playing the game, we never actually had an experience where someone threw one at us. We didn’t use it either, and it just seems like it isn’t really an effective weapon, which is strange considering that it is a cocktail that lights everything on fire. You would surely think that this would be something that players would use, but no, they don’t. Well, throwable weapons overall are getting buffed (frag grenades, stun grenades, and Molotovs) so that they can be viable, which is quite nice as you want all of your weapons to have some sort of use in your shooter.



Frag grenades were nerfed a while ago, and it seems like that affected their power level by quite a bit, so they are getting more range and more damage. Stun grenades, which are also almost never used in a match, so they are now going to affect vision, hearing, and your ability to shoot. Now, the biggest underdog weapon in PUBG, the Molotovs are getting a big buff in order to make them more useful. Their area of effect is getting increased, the fire that the Molotovs create will now be able to spread on wooden surfaces in houses, and you can now shoot them in mid-air so that they explode, which makes fire rain down on your enemies.

A lot of other things came in this PUBG update, so go read about them on their official Steam post.

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