PUBG On PC Receives Update #10

The PC version of PUBG received its tenth update, which is tweaking the game’s blue zone and also changing some things in the northern part of Miramar. Keep in mind that these changes came to the test servers, and if they work as intended, the live servers will get them this week as well. The most notable changes have been made to the functionality of the safe and the blue zone.


The delay time of the blue zoon has been decreased, so lingering between the safe and the blue zone between phases is much riskier now. But, the maximum movement speed of the blue zone was also lessened, and near the end of the game the blue zone will be much slower, so you’ll have more chance to get to a safe zone. Also, now the last blue zone won’t narrow down to a completely random spot, it will narrow down to the center, which makes it easier to retreat in the lategame as you don’t have to guess where the last blue zone narrows down to.


The Northern part of Miramar also got some love in order to make exploring it more worthwhile. This part of the map got an Oasis which you can find in the north, and the Alcantara village was placed on the northwest. Roads and off-road paths will now be more frequent in this area, as will car spawning positions. Lastly, and most importantly, higher-tier loot has a bigger chance of appearing in the north part of Miramar, which should be a good enough reason for players to explore this area.

You can read more about this patch on the game’s official post on Steam.

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