PUBG Reveals Taego, Its Brand New Map

PUBG players didn’t see a big, full-sized map in a while but that’s changing with the announcement of Taego.

PUBG Taego
Image credit: KRAFTON, Inc.

PUBG got a lot of smaller maps since its release. Ones that compress the battle royale experience into smaller 6v6 or 4v4 skirmishes. Much better-paced maps in my opinion, but some PUBG players like the vast, open maps like Miramar.

There’s more tension when you spend most of your game time collecting resources so you’re incentivized to move slowly and cautiously. You don’t want to get ambushed or snipped and lose everything you spent the last 40 minutes collecting.

But some say exactly that style of gameplay is the essence of PUBG. Disagree or not, it’s time we get a new full-size map. That’s exactly what’s coming to PUBG with Taego. PC players get it on July 7th while console players get to play the new map on July 15th. Watch the very brief announcement trailer that only shows the release date right here.

Not a lot is known about the map and its new additions. However, some rumors circulating around talk about a respawn system. Some even say it’s going to be similar to Warzone’s Gulag.

What do you think, will they copy Warzone or come up with something original?

PUBG Taego
Image credit: KRAFTON, Inc.

PUBG – Xbox Edition is available on HRK Game today!

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