PUBG Season 10 Is Adding AI Enemies That Hunt You Down

PUBG announces Season 10 with the revelation of a new map and AI enemies that will hunt you down and kill you on the spot.

PUBG Season 10 AI enemies
Image credit: PUBG Corporation

Season 10 is coming

Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone, PUBG sticks to its roots. A slow burner of a battle royale where moving without a plan gets you killed quickly. There’s nothing fancy about the game. It’s gritty, slow, and packed of dreadful excitement that increases as matches go on. At least that’s how it goes on the bigger maps. The smaller maps brought a more focused, intense, and short experience. But, you won’t be worrying about players in PUBG’s newest season. Yup, as you already know by the title, PUBG and its Season 10 are bringing in AI enemies together with its new map. You can check out the trailer below to see a player hunted down by the Pillar faction.

A cutthroat AI faction

Haven is really tiny. Players get a mere 1x1km playground. Yet, it is densely packed, and as an industrial island, there’s a lot of buildings for you to maneuver around. Now, this AI faction called Pillar. What and who are they? Well, apparently they’re the owners of this place. And they don’t like intruders. Players will get hunted down by helicopters that are accompanied by an armored truck which crushes anyone the helicopters notice. Then there are spots on the map that have guards and commanders for you to take down. Guards have basic gear while commanders have the best loot. You need to take down these commanders to get their keys. With the key, you can unlock Pillar supply caches, which replace care packages.

What do you think, is this the most exciting PUBG update or what?

PUBG Season 10 AI enemies
Image credit: PUBG Corporation

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