PUBG Sold Over 60 Million Units On PC And Console

Seems like PUBG is doing quite well in the battle royale waters, as the game sold over 60 million units on PC and console.

Three soldiers aiming their rifles at someone
Image credit: PUBG Corporation

For how long will Fortnite remain as the king of battle royales? Probably for a long time, but its competitors aren’t doing that bad. I just found out that PUBG sold over 60 million units on PC and console via PCGamesN. Yeah that’s an incredible number, but PUBG Mobile is about to make over $1 billion in lifetime revenue, without even counting how much the game made in China. The PUBG Corporation is making some serious money. It’s still strange to see the mobile version of this battle royale being so popular. It’s much more popular than the PC and console versions. Since PUBG Mobile got downloaded over 600 million times.

It’s no secret that PUBG is popular. SteamCharts says that the average player count in the last 30 days is 313, 724, while the peak is 695,920.  The devs are releasing new content on a regular basis. Bug fixes and quality of life changes also come from time to time. Read about the devs plans on what’s coming next for this battle royale shooter here.

A soldier shooting at another soldier that's in a car
Image credit: PUBG Corporation

Haven’t tried this particular shooter yet? Maybe now’s the prime time to do just that. PUBG is currently 53% off on HRK Game, so grab it right now and take it for a spin!

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