Quantum Break PC Review – Solid Sci-Fi Blockbuster

I was looking forward to writing this Quantum Break PC review as I always heard mixed things about the game. Today we will explore the game’s mechanics, story, and strange TV show system together.

But before we do that, let’s answer the most commonly asked questions about the game!

What is Quantum Break?

Quantum Break is a sci-fi third-person action-adventure game in which you have time-bending capabilities.

Who made Quantum Break?

Remedy Entertaintainment developed Quantum Break, and Microsoft Studios published the game.

When does Quantum Break come out?

Quantum Break was released on April 5th, 2016.

How long is Quantum Break?

You can complete Quantum Break in about 8-10 hours. To fully complete the game and all of its content, players would have to spend about 18-20 hours.

How many Acts are in Quantum Break?

Quantum Break is split into five different Acts.

What is Quantum Break rated?

The ESRB gave Quantum Brake an M for Mature rating for Blood, Intense Violence, and Strong Language.

How much is Quantum Break?

You can buy Quantum Break for 36,99€.

Where to buy Quantum Break on PC?

You can buy Quantum Break on Steam, Microsoft Store, Humble Bundle Store, and HRK Game.

Where can I find a cheap Quantum Break key?

You can find a cheap Quantum Break key on HRK Game.

Quantum Break PC Review
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Remedy’s attempt at sci-fi

Jack Joyce, a man with time-bending powers granted to him by a physics experiment, is on a mission to save the world. This man can teleport, reverse time itself, deflect bullets, and use energy to take down his enemies. However, Jack is being hunted by a vicious private army working for the sinister Monarch corporation. One that Paul Serene, his former friend, leads.

The TV show part of the game is exciting as a concept

Remedy Entertainment, the people that made Max Payne, is behind this action game. The exciting part is that a live-action show runs alongside the main game. You watch episodes between each act. Your choices during your playthrough will alter the TV show in varying degrees. An original and gripping concept that doesn’t deliver on its full potential.

Alan Wake and Max Payne all explored utterly different genres. Quantum Break is their attempt at doing sci-fi. In the end, the game delivers an entertaining and quite dramatic story. The actors are adept at their roles, and the villain’s actor stands out as a particular treat to watch. If anything, the story’s energetic and severe enough to keep you occupied from start to end.

Basic third-person combat

Quantum Break’s gameplay, on the other hand, isn’t so enticing. Quantum Break is a third-person shooter in which you spend most of your time shooting guns at people who are also shooting guns at you. But it’s not a cover shooter in the traditional sense. Joyce automatically crouches behind items of a particular height, but discharging a gun causes him to stand up. And the game doesn’t let you fire blindly. I believe this is to urge you to keep moving and use his temporal powers rather than playing it like Gears of War.

Quantum Break PC Review
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

Joyce has many interesting powers

Joyce’s dash ability essentially allows you to teleport across the room—and if you aim your gun at the end, time slows down to allow you to set up a headshot. You can also toss an energy bubble to slow an enemy down, then shoot into it to form a pulsing, blazing mass of bullets that explodes when it breaks.

A charged assault allows you to fling a big ball of energy that can instantly kill a bunch of enemies and freeze time for a few seconds to aid your flank. If you’re running low on health, you can use a shield to repel incoming projectiles for a few seconds. More powers are at your disposal, but those are the only useful ones.

Quantum Break PC Review
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

They look great, especially the way the level fragments and ripples around you when you use them, and I appreciate how you can play with different powers by mixing them. 

Bland enemies

However, as the novelty wears off, they feel a little gimmicky and fail to compensate for the fact that Quantum Break is, in reality, a fairly basic shooter. Particularly uninspired are the enemies:

  • The shotgun guy who attacks you.
  • The brute with a weak point on his back.
  • The sniper with the large, prominent laser sight.

But I did love fighting the people that can teleport across the level, and there’s later an enemy who makes your powers stop working if you get too close to them. Both add to the game’s fighting, while the others appear to have been drafted from the mercenary army that supplies soldiers for every third-person shooter.

Quantum Break PC Review
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

The story and its pacing are excellent

Naturally, calm arrives after the storm, and the game gives you time to immerse yourself in the story after all the shooting. Remedy knows how to build a world, and each location looks realistic and hand-crafted, even though we’re mostly looking at offices, warehouses, and other rather plain areas.

Quantum Break features many points that give you more backstory. Some even affect the TV show, depending on what you do. Remedy rewards players that are curious and like to poke their noses everywhere. There’s enough segmentation and variation in the gameplay. You won’t ever be annoying by a constant barrage of shootouts.

Quantum Break PC Review
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment


However, Quantum Break also has platforming. A part of the game that is entirely unnecessary. Here’s a ravaged bridge where you must maneuver through exploding cars, distorted time, and other annoying things to annoy the player. These segments look awfully cool, but they’re a chore to do and I hate them and I want everyone that reads this Quantum Break PC review to know that platforming segments in these games are redundant and not needed.

After you peel back all the glamour, Quantum Break is just an ordinary action game

All of you that read this Quantum Break PC review need to know, that while the production standards are fantastic throughout, they fail to conceal the truth that, beneath all the glitz, Quantum Break is an entirely ordinary action game. The live-action show, which is quite entertaining, helps a little. You wouldn’t watch it if it were on TV, but it’s well-made, primarily well-acted, and does a decent job fleshing out the characters—especially the baddies.

Quantum Break PC Review
Image credit: Remedy Entertainment

It focuses on Monarch rather than Joyce, and Lance Reddick plays diabolical CEO Martin Hatch in a quietly terrifying role. However, it ultimately feels excessive. Some scenes are altered due to binary decisions made at so-called crossroads, although the plot remains unchanged. Nonetheless, while I played the game for this Quantum Break PC review I enjoyed the show and eagerly awaited the next episode to discover more about the characters.


Quantum Break features a fantastic story, organic set-pieces, and many impressive visual effects. Its TV show side element is also an exciting addition, although one that doesn’t add much to the experience—outstanding production in a rather average and bland shooter. Remedy put a lot of passion into the game, but not enough emphasis went into the shooting aspect.

In the end, if you like flashy sci-fi stories, you will enjoy Quantum Break. But if you want to experience an above-average third-person shooter with reality-bending powers, this game can give you that for a couple of hours. The platforming is genuinely awful, though.

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