Radical Summer Coming To Rocket League

Rocket League is taking us back to the past with its Radical Summer event that comes with new rides, new limited-time modes, and more!

Rocket League is a racing game that also has football elements in it. It’s charming, has a pretty big learning curve but isn’t hard to learn, and is a title that is a blast to play with friends. Now, this Radical Summer event is coming and it’s bringing a ton of nostalgia. This is the official description found in the trailer:

You’re totally invited to Radical Summer—a summer-long celebration of ’80s Blockbusters, Culture, and Television. Get ready for the siiiickest in-game items, limited-time modes, and Premium DLC inspired by the raddest cars of the decade.

Radical Summer is a 9-week event that has new premium battle-cars, new items that will be free for everyone, crazy new game modes, and more. There’s a freaking Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Car Pack. You can never go wrong with a Ghostbusters reference, even today everyone knows a cult-classic movie like that.

One of the new modes is called Ghost Hunt. Players are going to use their Proton Streams to capture the ball and then move it to your enemies’ spooky Containment Zone. You get a point if you can keep the ball there for two seconds. The goal is to have more points than the opposing team.

Golden Eggs are also returning with the Radical Summer event. They will give you items from turbo, nitro, elevation, and elevation crates. Each phase of this event can give you up to 5 Golden Eggs.

Will you be returning to Rocket League once Radical Summer starts on June 10th? It will last until August 12th, so there’s quite a lot of time to enjoy all the nostalgia-inducing content that’s coming with this event!

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