Raid: Shadow Legends and 5 other Games similar to Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes is an immersive game filled with many RPG elements and it covers a wide array of heroes from which to choose from. It encapsulates many interesting war mechanics when it comes to building a team of warriors. It also features a well-designed class system fully functional with all kinds of factions and much more. If it were to compare it with Raid: Shadow Legends we will find many similarities, especially in the hero management section. Idle Heroes is also very generous when it comes to premium currencies so upgrading can be done easily.

Here is a short list of games that are in many ways similar to Idle Heroes:


Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is a game that features many new innovations which in many ways is like Idle Heroes except for the part where you can win battles simply being idle. In this game battles are more intense than in Idle Heroes, but it definitely features many interesting quests against all kinds of dark servants. Same like in Idle Heroes the levels are very well balanced and with a set of unique and interesting weapons you can embark in your quest to save the world.

In your journey will have to option to ask for help from all kinds of legendary heroes from across Teleria. The legendary heroes in Raid: Shadow Legends all have unique abilities to use in your battles but in Idle Heroes these abilities are somewhat few.


Dungeon Rush

Dungeon Rush is a brand new RPG game with many interesting strategy elements and is in many ways like Idle Heroes. This game was developed by DHGames and it focuses heavily on RPG mechanics.

The visuals are not as good as in Idle Heroes instead it features a cartoon art animation style which is accessible to almost any type of player of any age. Dark fantasy elements have also been included and it offers an interesting sensation for those playing it.


Kings and Heroes

Kings and Heroes is a game that puts the player in the center of the action and asks him to solve all kinds of quests: some easy and some hard exactly like in Idle Heroes. This game also has many similarities with Idle Heroes but the point where similarities end is when the player finds out that he can speed run in order to acquire the loot at the end of the mission. If compared to Idle Heroes this game is more about the destination rather than the journey.

You can enjoy this game in first-person point of view because it offers a much more immersive experience. Joining dungeons is also very interesting because players need to enter a tavern and take a seat at a table and wait for the queue to end.



In Evolution just like in Idle Heroes players need to adapt their tactics in order to win against their counter opponents in a fantasy world where resources are very hard to find, and predators are lurking just around the corner. The rules of this game are rather easy to digest and it’s beautiful because of its simplicity. Idle Heroes takes it one step forward because it knows how to mix battles with the quest line where Evolution has been having some difficulties in delivering this gaming feeling for the player.


Summoners War

Summoners War is mainly a turn-based MMORPG with many fantasy elements where players have a mission of collecting and summoning all kind of fantasy creatures and monsters. In many ways, it is like Idle Heroes because it features a robust gaming system which allows players to fully customize their own play styles.

Players can directly participate in the battle and have a direct effect on the outcome of the encounter. Unlike in Idle Heroes where the heroes are created, in this game summoned monsters require commands to attack enemies with all types of skills, thus encouraging strategies.


Old School Runescape

Idle Heroes bears a striking resemblance to Old School Runescape mainly because it features a solid campaign which includes many important characters, areas and activities. This game is an MMORPG which is intentionally grindy.  It also comes very close to Idle Heroes’s play style because it features many immersive elements as well as a solid sense of adventure.

In conclusion, all six games listed above have either more or fewer elements in common with Idle Heroes, but all of them are incredibly fun to play, all you have to do is to embark on a quest, customize your heroes, monsters or champions and let the fun begin. 

  1. Andre Michael Pietroschek says

    I don’t doubt the games are fun, but they are only VERY vaguely alike ‘Raid – Shadow Legends’. I dunno about other players, but I look for those, who learned from it, and did not overdo with pay to win BS.

    And leaving a story unfinished, with two-thirds of the game without voice-overs and stuff… OK, i shut up.

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