Randy Pitchford Attacks Steam

After players started review bombing the Borderlands franchise on Steam, Randy Pitchford decided to voice his opinion on Twitter.

Randy Pitchford

As an adult, you should know that being hasty and not thinking before you speak is a bad thing. Randy Pitchford obviously doesn’t act his age (as was shown when he was doing magic tricks instead of showing us Borderlands 3 right at the start), so we aren’t too surprised by his Twitter rants against Steam. The most idiotic thing about this whole affair is that Steam actually acted in order to combat the review bombing of the Borderlands franchise rather quickly with their anti-bombing feature where “off-topic reviews” don’t affect the game’s score on that platform.

So, why is Randy ranting and lashing out? Probably because he knows that this exclusivity deal is going to severly damage the devs’ relationship with the PC gaming community. This was obvious, and he even put out multiple tweets trying to justify their actions.

Randy Pitchford

Then, once the backlash became really bad, he made this tweet:

2K/Take Two has exclusive publishing rights for Borderlands 3 and makes all decisions regarding price-points, territories, distribution and platform partnerships. Please direct all inquiries regarding any of those topics to 2K. We are *just* the talent. 1/3

But, who stupid does he think gamers are? Like come on man, you are the CEO of Gearbox, what are the chances that you don’t get any say on exclusivity deals and decisions like that? Everyone knows that publishers are signing this deal with Epic Games because they give them an absurd amount of money.

Randy Pitchford

We all know how poorly Metro Exodus sold, which was mostly because of the exclusivity deal, and Borderlands 3 could meet the same fate. Developers should stick to releasing their games on all available platforms at the same time. That’s the logical thing to do, give the players the option of picking what platform they want to buy their games on.

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