Rare Wants To Make New IPs, Not Focus On Old Ones

Rare decided that they want to focus their energy on creating new IPs instead of focusing on making new entries in their old franchise.

Rare new IPs
Sea of Thieves
Image credit: Rare

Rare once made incredibly charming and impressive titles. The Donkey Kong Country trilogy, Banjo-Kazooie, Killer Instinct, GoldenEye 007. All fan favorites that everyone remembers fondly. What has Rare been working on these last few years? Well, their most successful title is Sea of Thieves, a vibrant sandbox game about pirates, treasure hunting, and sailing ships on vast and blue seas. Fans have been asking for new entries for their most beloved franchises, but that doesn’t seem to be the goal of Rare. They are working on a Battletoads revival, but that’s where that ends. Rare decided to put their efforts into making brand new IPs, as they’ve said to GamesIndustriy.biz. Their upcoming title, Everwild, looks absolutely stunning. Gorgeous scenery and charming and weird creature design. Rare seems to be most at home when they’re making something brand new.

I am very excited to see what Everwild is all about. After that, Rare is probably going to keep working on new IPs. They have a bright future ahead of them, if Microsoft continues to let them express their artistic ideas in full bloom.

Rare new IPs
Image credit: Rare

Have you played Rare’s Sea of Thieves? It’s an excellent pirate simulator that’s especially fun with a couple of friends. You can pick it up for an awesome on HRK Game right now!

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