Red Faction Evolution Leaked By Nvidia Listings?

It’s quite possible that the Nvidia Ansel website listings leaked an upcoming title called Red Faction Evolution.

How often do leaks like this appear once certain big events creep near? All the time actually. We’ve always thought that devs or publishers leak their games themselves in order to stealthily increase the hype for an unannounced game. No one expected to see a Red Faction game announced at E3 this year. But now? A lot of people are expecting to see an announcement or any form of information about Red Faction Evolution.

If you go to the Nvidia Ansel website right now, the listings no longer show that game. Thankfully, the people over at PC Gamer screenshotted it while it was still up. The fact that they removed the title confirms the existence of this game even more. Now, let’s just patiently wait for it to be announced during some E3 presentation.

The last thing noteworthy about the Red Faction franchise is the Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-tered Edition. It was an unexpected but very welcome surprise that attracted more people to this exhilarating sandbox shooter where causing chaos is as fun as it can get. Those of you that never played it should pick it up right now. It has destructible environments, what more can you ask for?

Are you excited for another Red Faction game?

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