Respawn’s Battle Against Apex Legends Cheaters Is About to Get Bloodier

Respawn is ready to increase the heat on Apex Legends cheaters by looking into more ways that will help them battle these kinds of players.

Apex Legends cheaters
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

The last time I talked about Apex Legends was when Respawn introduced a new leaver punishment system for its Arena mode. It was met with a mixed response, but today’s enemy is hated by all.

As you probably know, all free2play games have a common and reassuring foe – the cheater/hacker. It can’t be helped, since everyone has access to the game, it lets malicious people ruin the fun for others. Yet, developers don’t give up without a fight. They can’t since a rampant hacker problem can ruin an entire title and drive away all the players.

That’s why Respawn’s actively rinsing its titles of hackers, and it started with Titanfall. Now they’re moving on to Apex Legends and its problem with cheaters. They’re implementing several new means of battling the cheaters:

  • They’re getting more people to manually ban cheaters
  • Apex Legends will get new tools that automatically detects and stops DDoS attacks
  • Respawn’s investigating new ways of quickly detecting and removing cheaters from games

The fans are happy Respawn’s finally addressing the issue. Yet, they want action instead of just words. For now, we have to wait and see how they’re going to fulfill their promise. Hopefully Titanfall 2 gets the same amount of support regarding the cheating pandemic.

Apex Legends cheaters
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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