Resurrecting  On The Spot In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

There is nothing better than reading a cool interview with a cool game director. We have a really exciting one for you, and it is an interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, the famed director of Dark Souls and Bloodborne. As we all know, the studio that made these games is working on a new project called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In this lengthy interview, we found out about a lot of things, like the setting of the game, why it was chosen, the pace of the combat, and why you can resurrect on the spot.


So, why can we resurrect on the spot in Sekiro, which is completely opposite from the way you respawn in games like Dark Souls? Well, it all goes something to do with being a ninja. As Hidetaka Miyazaki explained, unlike a knight in clad in iron armor, a ninja isn’t protected at all. That means that they are sacrificing any kind of protection for complete freedom of movement. They risk it all to swiftly end the life of their opponent. Miyazaki said, and we quote:

My idea of a ninja fighting rather than, say, a knight fighting, is that ninjas can’t take a lot of damage. They’re taking a huge risk, they’re very vulnerable while they’re fighting. It’s this idea of fighting on the edge, it’s a risky situation where if you screw up by a hair’s breadth, it’s over.

That’s why it wouldn’t make sense for you to walk a lot to the spot where you died. It would take too long, and it would halt the breakneck pace of the game, which is a bad thing. Visceral and fast combat shouldn’t be interrupted once it gets rolling, and we’re glad that Miyazaki and the team understand this.

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