RIFT Team Aiming For Three More Content Milestones This Year

Remember when we first heard about RIFT? A lot of people thought it would be the MMORPG that rivals World of Warcraft, but that never happened. Surprisingly, RIFT is still very much alive, and during a Q&A on Friday the 13th, the developers talked about upcoming content, answered a lot of questions that are frequently asked, and so on.


One of the most surprising things that we learned in this Q&A is that the RIFT team is increasing. As they said themselves, the team behind a game is usually large right when a title first launches, and it then gets smaller as time goes on. But, the developers of RIFT decided that they need more people, as they do want to achieve three more content milestones in 2018, which is great news. But, no information was given about the upcoming expansions, as they still want to tweak certain live systems and do some balance changes before more content comes. They have also addressed the most important question that all players ask when new things are supposed to come to the game, and that is: Will the upcoming changes satisfy both the hardcore and the casual players? Their answer was no, which is absolutely expected, as you can’t please everybody, especially in an MMORPG.

There was a lot of other things that were touched upon, which you can read on their official site if you want to know all the details.


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