Rift-To-Go Is Coming To Fortnite

The rifts may be disappearing soon, but Fortnite is getting them in another shape. The Rift-To-Go item might be one of the more interesting additions to the game.

Source: Fortnite Intel

What do you think, is Fortnite as interesting to the world as it was? Is it still the phenomenon that shook the entire gaming industry with its popularity? Maybe, maybe not, but it is still getting fresh content on a regular basis. Now that quite some time passed since the latest season came out, it’s time for wacky new things.

The Rift-To-Go is one of the more interesting items that we’ve seen. What could possibly be more fun than having a rift inside your pocket which you can use whenever you want to? We can only imagine what kind of tactics this item is going to allow for. But on the other side, we are even more eager to see what kind of unpredictable and random situations this thing is going to create. It seems like this was the item that was teased by Epic Games on Monday. The Rift-To-Go is coming to Fortnite tomorrow when patch v5.30 goes live.

Now, what exactly does this item do? It teleports you above your current location and then you get to glide down. It will be really valuable both early game for tactical positioning and late game for dealing with opponents that are high up in their structures.




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