Risk of Rain 2 Gets Lots Of Free Content In Anniversary Update

Risk of Rain 2 got a heap of new content in the form of a new character, bosses, and items in the anniversary update.

Risk of Rain 2 anniversary update
Image credit: Hopoo Games

I’ve recently started playing Risk of Rain 2. Haven’t stopped, but it’s a challenging title. No hand-holding, just pure chaos, ecstasy, and a lot of adrenaline. It’s a roguelike third-person shooter with some RNG. You have monsters to kill which give cash. Then you use the cash to buy chests which give items. Players are characters with unique abilities and attacks.

It sounds generic on paper, but this game doesn’t mess around. After 10-15 hours I and my friend still haven’t beaten the final boss. All in due time, so what’s this new content I mentioned? Well, Risk of Rain 2 recently got an anniversary update. Two years passed since the game left Early Access, and what’s a better way to celebrate than to give fans some awesome content, free of charge!

The biggest addition is a brand new character, the Bandit. He’s a cool shotgun-wielding dude that likes to backstab, enter stealth, and then use his revolver that resets all cooldowns on kill. I had a lot of fun with him since he deals a lot of burst damage, then stealths, uses his revolver to burst something again, and stealth right after. However, since his Utility skill is stealth and not a crazy dash, I often die in later stages to the scary fire-breathing lizard dudes.

That’s not all, we also got some new bosses, area redesigns, new items, and a lot of bug-fixes and quality of life changes. Read the entire changelog right here.

Risk of Rain 2 anniversary update
Image credit: Hopoo Games

Risk of Rain 2 is available on HRK Game for a great price!

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