Rocket League Getting New Collector’s Edition Tomorrow

Rocket League is easily one of the most popular games in recent memory. It’s set records, shattered expectations, and has pleased fans with basically every major update they make. So, when a new version of the game comes out, people tend to have their ears perked up for it. Thus, you better perk your ears up, for another physical copy of the game is coming out next month, and it’s going to feature some epic comic goodness, along with a lot of content.

This reveal comes straight from developer Psyonix, who noted in a blog post that this new Rocket League: Collector’s Edition will arrive in stores tomorrow (which coincides with the digital release of the Nintendo Switch version of the game) in North America. Other regions will have to wait until December 7th. The version will be $29.99.

To be clear, this is for the Xbox One and PS4. There will be a physical version for the Nintendo Switch, but not quite yet. Details on that version will come soon.

As for what else is coming in the Collector’s Edition, you can expect an art print by Psyonix concept artist Jay Zhang, which was featured in the last Collector’s Edition. You can also expect to see the Supersonic Fury, Revenge of the Battle-Cars, and Chaos Run DLC, and the Aftershock, Marauder, Esper, and Masamune premium battle-cars. But wait! That’s still not all.

In a special deal with DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Psyonix has gotten the rights to make a special Flash series of items for Rocket League. Specifically, you can expect Flash wheels, and a Flash player banner. That’s not all though, you’ll also get a cool DC Comics player banner to use as well. You can see them in the featured image at the top of the article.

There will be a chance for you to get the DC Comics content outside of the Collector’s Edition. More details on that will come in 2018.

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