Rocket League Patch Notes Bring Arena Improvements

The latest patch notes for Rocket League detail a number of improvements and bug fixes for the popular multi-platform game, including alterations made to arenas, audio and other known issues.

Starting off with arenas, the brightness on DFH Stadium and Champions Field has been reduced. Also with Champions Field, the grass issue being on low detail has been fixed. There have been other visual issues taken care of, including the broken texture on Starbase Arc, as well as Farmstead map visuals being updated. Urban Central boost locations are also now consistent with the other Standard Arenas in the game.

As for general bug fixes, boost audio will no longer continue to cut out whilst tapping the boost button, and Season Reward Level progress will now be properly displayed at the end of Competitive matches. There have been some important improvements made that were causing immediate issues, such as game crashes related to the Season 4 Reward Trails, and players had previously been prevented from joining matches during countdowns in Free Play.

Finally, players on Xbox One had been experiencing performances issues with Rocket League. This has yet to be fully eradicated from this version of the game, though restarting the game can help resolve the issue, at least on a temporary basis.

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