Rocket League Replaces Loot Boxes With Horrible In-Game Shop

Rocket League devs somehow managed to remove loot boxes from their game and replace it with an obnoxious in-game shop.

A skirmish going on in Rocket League
Image credit: Psyonix

The loot boxes in Rocket League weren’t bad, they allowed you to gamble for a small amount of money and you could get an extremely basic reward or a super rare one. Well, now that’s gone. The game now has an in-game item shop with ridiculous prices. Keep in mind, this is a $20 title. Don’t you find it kind of strange that now there’s a pair of painted wheels (ugly ones at that) which cost $15? Then there’s a goal explosion that costs more than the game itself!

Removing loot boxes is a good move if you have a better replacement in mind. This in-game item shop is not it. What would you pick in this situation? Loot boxes that are extremely cheap and at least gave you an immensely small chance of getting an incredibly rare item? Or an in-game item shop where you know what you’re getting but you have to sell half your body to be able to even afford that incredibly rare item? Whatever the Rocket League devs were thinking, removing loot boxes and putting this in-game shop was a mistake. But, this could mean that they’re planning on making the game free-to-play. After that, they lower the prices, and everything ends up being fine. Or at least that’s what this whole situation looks like.

The brand new in-game updated that got introduced in Rocket League
Image credit: Psyonix

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