Saryn Warframe Being Reworked

In a game such as Warframe where you have loads of “characters”, all with different and unique abilities, you need to make sure that each of them is balanced. The Warframes (suits of armor that all have different abilities) are varied, and while some are weird and quite powerful when you know how to play them, some are just downright confusing. The Saryn Warframe is one of those, and the developers are aiming to make her kit work together more, and make it easier to use and most importantly, understand.

You know that you’re having issues with balancing when you have to rework something twice. Saryn was already reworked once in 2015, and the rework then focused mostly on making her abilities have better synergy with one another. Now, they want to make her more fun to play, while also giving the players more options when they are playing this Warframe. You see, a Warframe has to have a natural synergy, because if it feels forced, it probably isn’t very fun to play, and you can’t have that in a game that has very repetitive combat. In their post they said:

A new player having just acquired Saryn might not be fully aware of Spores’ interaction between Molt, Toxic Lash, and Miasma… and as an added layer, the interactions of those abilities with one another. Essentially, with Saryn you are given all the ingredients to mix up a cocktail, without really knowing if the ingredients are meant to mix in the first place.

In 2.0, we aim to take the guessing out of the “what does what with what to make X happen?” and ultimately make her more sensible and intuitive to play.

We hope that this rework address all of the problems that Saryn has.


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