Sea of Thieves Finally Coming To Steam, Will Support Crossplay

After a lot of Windows 10 exclusivity, Sea of Thieves is finally making its way to Steam with sea monsters, rum, and pirate activities.

Sea of Thieves Steam
Image credit: Rare Ltd

The Windows 10 Store is just horrible. I think we all know that. And Sea of Thieves is a fun, lighthearted, and quite envigorating multiplayer pirate adventure game that you can buy only there.  But, that changes now. We can play this title via Steam. Not only that, but the Windows 10, Xbox One, and Steam players are all able to play together. Crossplay is supported, which is excellent news. Games like this die if the playerbase isn’t tightly woven together. Crossplay helps with things like that. So, even if your friends aren’t fond of fighting gigantic sea beasts with cannons, someone is looking for a crew member to do precisely that!

There’s a ton of PvE content, there’s PvP as well, and there are enough things to discover and plunder to keep you occupied for quite a while. Rare is constantly releasing new content for the game, so you won’t be bored anytime soon. Sea of Thieves is just going to get an even larger playerbase with the Steam launch, and I’m happy about it. This is one of the most fun multiplayer games out there at the moment if you’re just looking for harmless fun without any stress that comes with most other multiplayer titles.

Sea of Thieves Steam
Image credit: Rare Ltd

But, what if you want to start off as a mighty pirate? Then I suggest you pick up the Sea of Thieves: Sea Dog Pack. It’s available on HRK Game for an immensely cheap price. This pack gives you some swagger cosmetics and a ton of gold!


  1. 2048 says

    Sea of Thieves is a fun, lighthearted multiplayer pirate adventure game.

    1. Dante says

      Yes it is!

  2. drift f1 says

    The pinnacle of the image. Amazing creativity

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