Sea of Thievies Is Already Trending On Steam

Sea of Thieves just launched on Steam after a long period of exclusivity and it already attracted quite a number of players.

Sea of Thieves Steam
Image credit: Rare Ltd

Finally on Steam

Sea of Thieves is a very peculiar title. A pirate multiplayer adventure game where you can sail the seas, drink rum, and do other things. This game didn’t have much content at launch. However, over time the game got a lot of support. Heaps of content came over the years, and now the game is full of stuff to do. After 2 years, Sea of Thieves finally arrives on Steam. Let’s be real here, no one wants to play anything via the Windows Store. It’s just not made for gaming. Also it’s buggy as hell, and Steam is not.

If you were waiting for this title to be available on a more accessible and intuitive platform, now’s your chance to play. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find a crew in a jiffy, as a lot of people waited for this game to arrive on Steam,

Sea of Thieves Steam
Image credit: Rare Ltd

Explosive launch

Some titles have extraordinary launches. Others don’t, it depends a lot on the hype around the product. Well Sea of Thieves is quite an old game. However, a good number of people wanted to try it out on Steam as soon as it was out. I mean there are 17,000 people in-game while I’m writing this. You can check out SteamDB to check out how many are playing, but now the 24-hour peak is almost 24 thousand. That’s quite a number for a title that’s been out for 2 years. And one that is not a mainstream triple-A action-adventure or anything of that sort.

This is just a multiplayer pirate adventure title that offers a lot of fun stuff to do alone or with a friend. Oh your friends are playing on Xbox One? It doesn’t even matter, the game has cross-play available right from the getgo.

Cross-play available right from the start

That’s right, even if your friends are playing via the Microsoft Store or Xbox One, you can all play together. Perhaps this is the reason for the game’s high player count. Everyone could link up with their homies immediately, no matter which platform they’re playing on.

Now that Sea of Thieves arrived on Steam in its full glory, we shall wait and see. Will the interest in this pirate multiplayer adventure perish over time or will more and more people get infatuated by the idea of sailing the vast seas and slaying sea beasts?

What are your opinions on Sea of Thieves? Is it just a throwaway multiplayer title, or one that can last for a while? Let us know in the comments section down below!

Sea of Thieves Steam
Image credit: Rare Ltd

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