See What’s It Like To Be A Wasteland Superhero In RAGE 2

The latest trailer for RAGE 2 showed us just how much fun we can have with all the game’s guns and abilities while taking down bad guys.


See, a lot of people are still being skeptic about RAGE 2, as no one is really sure if this title has what it takes to justify it being a $60 game. This has become an issue recently as certain companies sold pretty boring and empty products that were priced as triple-A releases. Now, while RAGE 2 looks like a child of Borderlands and DOOM, will it have enough engaging content that will keep us playing?

Maybe, maybe not, but once you understand how all your abilities and weapons work, the combat becomes a blast. That is shown in the latest trailer that’s called “Wasteland Superhero”, a pretty cynical and hilarious depiction of how a superhero deals with stuff.


The trailer doesn’t show us anything new, all the weapons and abilities have been showcased before, but it focuses on how they can chain together. Tag enemies with a special fire revolver, launch them into the air with a gravity grenade, and then light them on fire mid-flight. We’re guessing that the most amount of fun comes out of this game’s combat system and how it lets players combine and use all of these chaotic tools together to invoke some spectacular carnage.

Why wouldn’t you tear apart bad guys in creative ways? Like attaching them to a wind turbine that then launches them far, far away. Most of all, RAGE 2 kind of reminds us of Blood Dragon, and that’s a very good thing.


Naturally, the last part of the trailer shows how our savage hero rides out into the sunset after massacring hundreds of evil doers in the most brutal ways. Seems fitting, and we’re quite excited to play this title ourselves when it launches on May 14th!

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