Serious Sam 2 Gets A Surprising Update

Serious Sam 2 gets a surprise in the form of update 2.90 that comes 15 years after the game’s release on Windows and Xbox.

Serious Sam 2 update 2.90
Image credit: CroTeam

Serious Sam 2 gets some cool quality-of-life improvements

Serious Sam 2 is a cult classic. A hilarious, strange, and insanely fun little shooter. You have to pick up health, armor, ammo, and extra lives. It’s quite old-school, but it pulls off that style of shooter excellently. The enemies are quite hard at higher difficulties, and there’s a ton of secrets to be discovered.

But, after 15 years, we’ve seen it all. Unless we haven’t, as the Serious Sam 2 and its update 2.90 bring forth some new toys and quality-of-life improvements. The new additions are as follows:

  • The BeamGun
  • Enemy multiplier option for both singleplayer and co-op
  • 12 new multiplayer maps
  • The Flame-Thrower weapon for modders
  • Dual-wielding
  • Sprinting
  • Rocket Jumping
  • Enemy, NPC, and Objective radar

Why an update 15 years later?

You see, there’s this guy called Nathan DwK Brown. A huge fan of the original two games that also started modding those two games. After a lot of ingenious mods, he became quite the developer. Back in those days, talented modders were a rare sight.

Naturally, after some time, he helped CroTeam by beta testing Serious Sam 3. Nathan was offered a job before that, but it was hard to pull off. Yet, when he helped with the third installment, Nathan became an official part of CroTeam.

But, why the update for Serious Sam 2? Well, the guy had some free time, and while he was scrolling through the Serious Sam 2 forums, lightning struck. Why not give some love to the game that made him a developer? That’s how it happened, and you can read more about it in the patch notes post.

Serious Sam 2 update 2.90
Image credit: CroTeam

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