Shadow Warrior 3 Coming With More Corny Jokes And Ultraviolence

Shadow Warrior 3 has been announced and of course, it is full of ultra-violence, very corny jokes, and Lo Wang.

Shadow Warrior 3 announced
Image credit: Flying Wild Hog

Shadow Warrior 3 is sticking to the formula

Lo Wang is back and I couldn’t be happier. Shadow Warrior 3 has been announced, and of course, it came with an extremely edgy and over-the-top teaser trailer that did a lot of quality 4th wall breaking. From what I could tell (from what I read from the game’s Steam page), the third game won’t be a looter-shooter like the previous title was. Which is actually great. I’m quite sure most Shadow Warrior fans just want to decimate demons with guns, katanas, and supernatural powers while Lo Wang spouts some incredibly cheesy yet EFFECTIVE one-liners.

The entire teaser trailer is basically just Lo Wang talking shit, which is why I love it. He also said that Revolver Digital is overrated, so it’s good someone finally publically said it, be it ironic or not. Judging from the trailer so we should expect wall-running, grappling hooks, and a lot of blood and guts. Everything we want from a Shadow Warrior title.

Some new elements, but not a lot of them

Air dashes, grappling hooks, environmental hazards, finishing moves that unleash demonic powers. We’re getting some new toys to play around with, but not too many of them. The ones that got me riled up were the grappling hook and the finishing moves. Any title that has a grappling hook gets respect from me, as that’s one of the most enjoyable movement mechanics a game can have. You can see it in action in the Shadow Warrior 3 teaser trailer down below.

Finishing moves sound interesting as well. Why? Because when you splatter a demon with a finishing move, you can claim a piece of it and then unleash carnage against its friends via “a burst of unstoppable fury and powerful magic” and that sounds fucking amazing. It just adds a dramatic flare to the combat and it lets us deliver a lot of glorious violence in a spectacular way. There are also environmental hazards and activatable objects that add even more variety to the combat.

Eagerly waiting for a gameplay trailer

After all of this, I just want to see some gameplay. The teaser trailer did its job wonderfully, and now I want the full meal. Show me Lo Wang slicing and dicing up demons in mythic Asian lands where both magic and technology decorate the scenery. Flying Wild Hog nail the gameplay formula for this series quite nicely, so I just want to see how smooth and visceral it’s going to look when the game is being played. Hopefully, we get to see some action soon. I’m not a patient fellow, and a lot of fans won’t be after this teaser trailer.

Shadow Warrior 3 announced
Image credit: Flying Wild Hog

However, all we can do is wait, so that’s exactly what we’ll do. If you have any thoughts on the teaser trailer, let me know in the comments section down below!

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