Shenmue 3 Will Be A Timed Epic Store Exclusive

Surprisingly, it seems like Shenmue 3 will end up being a timed Epic Store exclusive as was announced during the PC Gaming Show.

Oh boy, you can feel the rage of the Shenmue 3 backers right now. No one likes being lied to, and many publishers are deciding to sign exclusivity deals with Epic Games these days. What does that mean? Well, many titles that were supposed to come on many different platforms will instead arrive on the Epic Store first. That’s why Shenmue 3 backers are outraged right now. This announcement came out of nowhere, and then YS Net decided not to give refunds to backers that helped the game get created through Kickstarter. A scumbag move which is now making backers mass report the project.

We know that the game is coming on Steam, but a year after it arrives on the Epic Store. You can check that out in the FAQ in the “Pre-orders” section. It’s only a timed exclusive, so everything isn’t that bad, but this is another case of developers losing the faith of their fans because of stupid decisions that publishers made.

Even though most of us guessed that Shenmue 3 will revitalize this franchise and bring it back to life, this decision will most likely bury it. No one likes being outright lied to, and this is the vilest way of changing things around all of a sudden when a large sum of money gets involved.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you buy Shenmue 3 when it releases, when it arrives on Steam, or will you be avoiding this title completely because of this situation?

  1. ivanjmg says

    Go f*ck Epic, i’ll never pay for an exclusive, respect the PC community.

    1. Dante says

      They don’t respect shit since they have the money to pull off so many of these exclusivity deals 🙁

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