Should You Be Hyped For The Open-World Star Wars Game By Ubisoft?

Lucasfilms Games announced that an open-world Star Wars game is being made by The Division team at Ubisoft.

Star Wars Ubisoft
Image credit: Ubisoft Canada

Many aren’t aware of this, but most open-world games follow a specific formula. You know how you see these large, expansive maps FILLED with icons? Ubisoft is the dev that created that horrible, dreadful thing. Yet, it works for most people most of the time. That’s why all modern open-world games have maps that drown in icons that invite you to visit them. Hell, The Witcher 3, one of the most praised RPGs of recent time follows that exact open-world formula. Is that a good thing? Depends on who you ask. But you can bet that the Star Wars game that Ubisoft is making will follow that formula perfectly.

The director of the insanely underwhelming and forgettable The Division 2, Julian Gerighty, will act as the creative director of this Star Wars title. At least they’re using the stunning Snowdrop engine for the game. Now, some of you may be confused. Doesn’t EA have an exclusivity deal with Lucasfilm Games when it comes to the Star Wars intellectual property? They had one until someone noticed that EA isn’t really doing much with it. You can find out more about all of this in the WIRED interview. Other devs are getting their chance with Star Wars. That’s a good thing, just a shame Ubisoft gets their chance first. I don’t think anyone is expecting anything unique or downright enjoyable from them.

At least it’s not just EA, as you can see what gamers think about their Star Wars games below.

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