Should You Buy Biomutant in 2022 on PC?

Should you buy Biomutant in 2022 on PC? We all know how much hype the game gathered before it launched. But, then again, once the game arrived, it was severely lacking. The potential was there, but there were just too many options and not many that were fully realized.

However, before we dive into this Biomutant 2022 review, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about the game.

What is Biomutant?

Biomutant is an Action-RPG that features a huge post-apocalyptic open world, kung-fu fighting, and much more.

What time does Biomutant come out?

Biomutant was released on May 25, 2021.

How long is Biomutant?

You can beat Biomutant in 10-15 hours. Those that wish to 100% the game will need anywhere from 40-45 hours.

How big is Biomutant map?

Biomutant’s map stretches 6.5 kilometers from top to bottom and 5 kilometers from the left to the right side.

How many gigs is Biomutant?

You need 25 gigabytes of free space for Biomutant.

How much is Biomutant?

You can buy Biomutant for 59,99€.

Where can I buy a cheap Biomutant key?

You can find a cheap Biomutant key on HRK Game.

Biomutant 2022
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Biomutant tried to do too much

Most of Biomutant’s gameplay shows its hand very early on. It’s a bad indication when right from the start you get the vibe of playing an insanely rushed game. The devs clearly needed a lot more time to polish this game up, the time they didn’t get.
You’re introduced to a wide selection of characters, all weird and strange in their own way. Some Biomutant reviews say all characters look strangely stitched together, but I think they’re supposed to look like that as they are mutants, after all.
Yet, this is where Biomutant on PC shows its many flaws. Since a lot of faces of these characters are the same, I expected at least some animation when it comes to character expressions and facial animations. It wasn’t there when the game launched, but why didn’t Biomutant get an update that adds some?
Biomutant 2022
Image credit: Experiment 101
This is just the start of cutting corners, and while Biomutant has mods, the community isn’t as energetic as, let’s say, the Bethesda games fanbase, so I doubt any mods are going to fix the game up.  Don’t expect to get an immersive RPG experience in Biomutant on PC, as that’s out of the window already. Before I get into Biomutant and its gameplay, story, and crafting, I have to say, the game’s aesthetics are outstanding. The color pallet of the clothes, the world, and the building is truly exotic. If anything, Biomutant is a game that knows how to shine.
Biomutant 2022
Image credit: Experiment 101

Generic storyline, bland dialogue

Most Biomutant reviews never touch the narrative too much. The whole “humans are bad and they are responsible for the horrible state of the world” deal is too repetitive. Even preachy and overbearing at some point. We all know we’re responsible for constant damage to our planet. But Biomutant is a game that has to hit you over the head with that fact. Over and over again. It gets really annoying really quickly.

Instead of building upon its characters and explaining more about the creatures that inhabit this world, Biomutant is too occupied with trash-talking the dirty humans and their dirty machines that caused all this chaos.

Since this is a Biomutant 2022 PC review, I expected some of these things to be fixed by now. But it seems like Biomutant updates have been few and far between since the game came out. Looks like the devs quickly abandoned the game after releasing a couple of updates.

So, does the game try with its dialogue at least? Well, it’s obvious the writers watched a lot of kung-fu movies. Most of the characters say really vague things.  Don’t expect any complex or deep themes from the game’s characters. They’re only here to give you an objective and say something about your heart and your future.

Biomutant 2022
Image credit: Experiment 101

Combat and Crafting

If anything, Biomutant is a game that knew how to present kung-fu with weapons and mutant powers. The fights are fast-paced, hectic, and insanely varied. There are a ton of options for players in combat. Biomutant and its gameplay shine when you’re fighting, even if the combat system could use some polish, it’s quite fun.

Some boss fights are a drag, but overall, the insane diversity of the game really helps you enjoy some parts of this game. But that’s not all, as the thing Biomutant nails the most is its crafting system.  You can fully customize absolutely every part of your gear in this game. It’s actually insane, just how much min-maxing you can do with your weapons and armor.

Biomutant 2022
Image credit: Experiment 101

The only problem is that you don’t have any place to test your builds out fully. While Biomutant has bosses, big and powerful ones called Worldeaters, there’s nothing that can be challenging to you besides them. Which sucks as Biomutant and its gameplay offers a lot of tools to have fun. But there’s not much in the world that can stand up to you.

For example, there are a ton of Psi powers and passive abilities to obtain. They are all very different and unique, and you can come up with some awesome combinations. But everything besides the Worldeaters dies too quickly for you to enjoy your overpowered-ness.

While the Worldeaters are insanely fun and creative boss fights, there’s not enough of them. Maybe if Biomutant got a DLC or an expansion that added more of these fights, the game’s content would balance out. As it stands, you will run through everyone fairly easily through the game.

Biomutant 2022
Image credit: Experiment 101

Open world and visuals

Biomutant has a distinct and huge open world. You have many mounts in your disposal to explore the world, and there’s just enough to keep you occupied while you’re riding around this post-apocalyptic world.

The game’s opening hour or so features many open-world events. But they rarely appear later on in the game. This is concerning, since these would have given the world a lot more life. But there is a ton of quests and puzzles and posts to take over throughout the game.

Taking over an enemy outpost is now a standard thing in open-world games. Biomutant doesn’t do anything new with this system. Some outposts come with a gimmick attached to it, others are given to you when you complete a quest, and so on. It’s not anything mind-blowing, but it will keep you occupied for a good while.

But Biomutant has a huge map, one that’s full of visually stunning scenery and architecture. If anything, the game manages to nail the zany, whacky post-apocalyptic vibe perfectly. I think Experiment 101 created this huge world, and then created a game around it.

With dynamic weather and day and night cycles, it seems like making the world feel alive and energetic was where most of their resources went. If only we had NPCs and enemies that felt more alive, then Biomutant would have been a terrific open-world game.

Biomutant 2022
Image credit: Experiment 101

Final Verdict – Should you buy Biomutant in 2022 on PC?

Biomutant in 2022 is an open-world game that mostly shows you pieces of what could have been an insanely engaging and content-filled game. It’s still a fairly enjoyable game, but definitely not one I would recommend picking up for full price.

The strange thing, a lot of the problems with Biomutant could be fixed with DLC or an expansion. But the development team isn’t all that active. I mean, the game hasn’t gotten an update or patch in 6 months or maybe even more.

So, should you buy Biomutant on Steam? Not if it’s full price, but there’s a place where Biomutant has a cheap price, all the time. That’s right, just head on over to HRK Game and get a Biomutant game key for a heavily discounted price. We always feature discounts on our store on both new and old games, so feel free to browse around and check out all our deals!


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