Should You Buy Dead by Daylight Today? Experience a Horror Movie in a Game

Dead by Daylight is a PC game that has evolved a lot since its release in 2016. As of now, it’s one of the rare asymmetrical multiplayer experienced that managed to attract and keep a playerbase. That’s mostly thanks to the game’s unique gameplay style where you essentially play as either a survivor or a villain in a horror movie.

The game emphasizes this by constantly adding more iconic horror movie villains and survivors, maps, and so on. But the question is should you buy Dead by Daylight today? Is the game with its many DLCs worth your money? Let’s find out together in this review!

Experience a horror movie as a villain or survivor

There’s a ton of slasher horror movies we all watched as kids or teens. Halloween, Friday 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street. Getting stalked by an unstoppable killing machine is a special kind of horrifying feeling. Dead by Daylight is a rare PC game that lets you experience that thrill first-hand. And you get to see both sides of that thrill!

Most assume this is a simple asymmetrical multiplayer title. It isn’t. There are four survivors and one killer. Survivors have to repair five generators and escape the clutches of a ruthless entity focused only on slaughter. The killer has to track down the survivors and throw them on hooks. The match ends when the survivors escape or die.

As an asymmetrical title, there are two aspects of playing.

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The Survivor

Similar to the horror movies the game takes inspiration from, the survivors aren’t that strong. Because they’re just ordinary humans, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. Sneaking around and mind gaming the killer is a special kind of awesome. There’s no special combo or quick reflex involved, you just outsmart the devil that’s hunting you and make it run in circles while you fulfill your objective and escape unscathed.

Teamworking is important when you’re a survivor, but it isn’t essential. If others don’t want to play along, make sure they’re a distraction for the killer while you focus on escaping.

The Killer

On the other hand, you have serial killers, demons, phantasm, and other walking nightmares. The killers use weapons and special mechanics to pin down the survivors. Because the survivors are a lot faster than your character, there’s a certain finesse to the whole hunting and killing process. Each killer plays completely differently and has its own unique mechanics that add further flair to the gameplay.

If played correctly, the role of a killer is an otherworldly experience. I know because during my time as a survivor, you sometimes get matched with demons, people so good at playing the killer you feel insane amounts of tension and fear as you’re trying to repair the generators without getting seen while their ominous presence looms over you constantly.

However, if you’re completely new to the game you’re in for a rough ride.

The new player experience

Don’t expect an easy learning curve. I don’t know what’s the meta on consoles, the Dead by Daylight as a PC game has a very, well, let’s say passionate community that doesn’t like when you don’t use the most optimal strategy, perks, and so on in their match. Before you buy Dead by Daylight just prepare yourself. There’s going to be a lot of losing involved. Yet it’s not annoying or irritating for the most part. While everyone has the latest perks and killers and whatnot, you don’t need them to have fun.

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The grind is there and the learning curve is high. I’m constantly playing as Micheal Myers as he’s the most terrifying thing in the world in my eyes. And even against meta squads I sometimes get 10 hooks. I did watch a bit of YouTube tutorials and whatnot to prepare. Learning mind games, movement paths, the map, and that sort of thing is important. You can go into this title totally blind. But learning on the fly won’t be easy. That’s mostly thanks to the incredibly toxic community.

An unfriendly community

I wasn’t lucky enough to play Dead by Daylight on PC with a friend. I wish I was, as players in the post-game chat tend to get very toxic. Getting upset when you lose a game is normal. Hey, we all get heated after a loss at times. You don’t want to be a sour loser but sometimes our emotions get the better of us. However, as is with most competitive games, people in Dead by Daylight get on that “12 years old starts screaming all kinds of insane insults at you” bullshit real quick.

This is a constantly changing game. New killers, survivors, changes to perks, nothing stays the same forever, so why do people need to constantly learn. That’s just the norm for experienced players. But someone completely new to Dead to Daylight doesn’t know the basics, let alone what’s meta. Yet that won’t stop everyone from being a complete jackass to you.

Since the matchmaking isn’t aware of new players as well, expect a lot of shit talk when you play with the game’s veterans. I did find one guy or girl that gave a lot of useful tricks for a survivor and was quite pleasant overall. But that only happened once.

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You can ignore all of toxic little shits, as Dead by Daylight on PC has a community that’s typical for these types of games. League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and many other games have the exact problem. So before you buy a Dead by Daylight Steam key, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

A constant stream of new content (For better or for worse)

This is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that’s constantly getting new content. Patches, updates, DLC, you name it. Someone has to balance all that and the devs do a fine job of that. Except when one update breaks half of the game.

Hitbox issues, lag, and connectivity problems aside, Dead by Daylight sometimes breaks completely. Thankfully, I didn’t encounter many gameplay bugs during my play. There was one game where I was sure I threw an axe at a guy’s face only for the axe to miss. Then that happened a lot of times and I had a mental breakdown. The hitboxes are one of the oldest issues with the game that still isn’t fixed.

Furthermore, from previous User Reviews on Steam, I’ve noticed a trend. A new patch comes out that fixes a lot of overpowered perks or killers. But then it buffs others to the point of being broken. It’s an endless cycle that doesn’t make sense. The devs push out DLCs at quite a fast pace but they can’t fix some obvious gameplay issues for good?

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Now, the most glaring issue people have with this game is the DLCs.

The question of all the numerous DLCs

A lot of people usually tell you to buy Dead by Daylight for cheap. A ton more of them then suggest always keeping an eye out for a Dead by Daylight DLC sale. Alright, so this is a title with a ton of additional content. I just hope it isn’t as bad as Crusader Kings II was.

And I was pleasantly surprised. The game does have a lot of DLCs, I won’t deny that, but it lets players unlock DLC content by playing. It isn’t easy and it will take some time, but it’s possible. Add on the fact that Dead by Daylight isn’t asking for a triple-A amount of money and you don’t need any of the DLCs to thoroughly enjoy the game. You can get the base game and most of the DLCs for cheap as they aren’t expensive as is. Similarly, if you want to buy Dead by Daylight for cheap and get its DLC on sale, we have some good news down below.

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Where to buy Dead by Daylight?

No need to wait for a sale to make Dead by Daylight cheap. Steam has a lot of sales, but you can’t rely on that to buy a title you want to play right now. That’s where we come into play to provide constant discounts for gamers like you and me.

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Now you know where to buy a cheap Dead by Daylight Steam key. And where to find the lowest Dead by Daylight DLC prices.

So should you buy Dead by Daylight today?

It’s a game with flaws. The devs as of recently are devoting too much of their time to cosmetics, DLCs, and that sort of stuff. It took them a while to include some basic accessibility options. And there’s the toxic community. But amidst all that, it’s still one hell of a multiplayer experience.

There’s not a lot of games out there that can give you an experience as breathtaking and exquisite as the one found in Dead by Daylight. So if you need a solid asymmetrical multiplayer game, this one’s awesome. Especially if you have a couple of friends to play with. Then it becomes a solid 9/10.




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