Should You Buy Nobody Saves the World?

Should you buy Nobody Saves the World? Is this quirky and weird co-op action RPG the game for you? Well keep reading this review and you will find out. But, before that, let’s answer some of the most commonly asked questions about this game!

What is Nobody Saves the World?

Nobody Saves the World is a quicky action RPG dungeon crawler.

Who made Nobody Saves the World?

Nobody Saves the World was both developed and published by DrinkBox Studios.

When did Nobody Saves the World come out?

Nobody Saves the World came out on January 18, 2022.

How long does it take to beat Nobody Saves the World?

You need between 13-15 hours to beat Nobody Saves the World.

How much is Nobody Saves the World?

You can buy Nobody Saves the World for 20,99€.

Where can I find a cheap Nobody Saves the World key?

You can find a cheap Nobody Saves the World key on HRK Game.

buy Nobody Saves the World
Image credit: DrinkBox Studios

Nobody Saves the World is one strange co-op game

Many people enjoy the social aspect of playing games with another person. It’s one of the reasons why cooperative video games are so popular in today’s market. Nobody Saves the World is an action role-playing game (RPG) that has outrageous combat, dark comedy, and a strange tale. It is also a really fantastic co-op game.

The globe we find ourselves in has been ravaged by some type of fungal catastrophe. I am aware that things have already taken an odd turn, but bare with me here. The people living in the kingdom’s villages are looking for a hero. Unfortunately, their archmage, Nostamagus, has vanished without a trace. However, this is where Nobody comes into play. Nobody is a thief with dead eyes who stole the wand from Nostraamagus and thereby acquired the ability to shapeshift. There is no longer any requirement for anyone to locate the gem shards that are necessary to return the world to its prior state.

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Image credit: DrinkBox Studios

Insane but genuinely enjoyable story

Before you buy Nobody Saves the World on Steam for its narrative, just know it offers a relatively straightforward story with a lovely attitude. Players are introduced to a slew of weird oddball NPCs, each of whom is a source of awkward laughter. Nobody Saves the World on PC strikes a delicate balance between hilarious and terrifyingly dark topics. Randy the Rad, Nostamagus’ devoted disciple, steals the stage with his narcissistic characteristics and desire to play hero.

Even the sidequests contain amusing dialogue, ranging from a slug who wants to resuscitate his wife from the dead to a bunch of aliens who have no idea how they ended up in our world and want to be reunited. Every character interaction and task chain reflects the amount of enjoyment inherent in this twisted world.

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Image credit: DrinkBox Studios

Shapeshift and conquer

The gameplay loop of Nobody Saves the World is rather straightforward and focuses on shapeshifting as its primary mechanic. In order to complete certain tasks, you will need to make use of Nobody’s various guises. This is how one accumulates experience. In battle, each shape has its own set of distinct benefits. There are some that deal sharp damage, some that do dull harm, and still more that deal either light or dark damage. As you level up new guises, you will unlock the ability to equip talents from different forms. You have the ability to explore within the gameplay paradigm of Nobody Saves the World. Because you will face a wide variety of foes as you explore the dungeons, it is imperative that you combine and adjust your talents so that they are optimally suited to the setting in which you find yourself.

The Nobody Saves the World PC game features a significant number of dungeons. Each one presents its own unique set of difficulties. You need to give serious consideration to your strategy, form, and build if you want to finish these effectively. It is to be expected that a game with this level of variety will not be particularly well balanced, and that is perfectly acceptable. Although some are far more powerful than others (the snail form is the best; don’t even bother arguing with me about it), all of them are enjoyable to use in game play.

In Nobody Saves the World, you don’t just obtain multiple forms; there are also a lot of boons to gather. These boons can be difficult to spot on the screen at times, though, due to the fact that this game has a lot of visual clutter during certain encounters.

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Image credit: DrinkBox Studios

Varied and engaging dungeons

The dungeon difficulties are distinctive, although the basic gameplay can get boring after a while. A recurring pattern in the game is entering a new dungeon, annihilating foes, and reaching the last room. Nobody Saves the World offers a lot of variety, but its core gameplay loop isn’t that engaging. Although dungeon problems come in a remarkable diversity, many of them can be easily overcome. Even with this repetition, the game never feels overly long because leveling up each form to unlock new ones has a specific addicting aspect. The game offers a ton of sidequests to perform and gives players the option to purchase tasks that may be done repeatedly for additional experience points, which quickens the leveling process.

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Image credit: DrinkBox Studios

Nobody Saves the World shines in its multiplayer mode

Anyone who is interested in co-op games and is thinking if they should purchase Nobody Saves the World is likely doing so because they are reading this review. This is where the title really comes into its own. The level of enjoyment skyrockets once two players begin causing havoc with their respective shapes while adventuring through dungeons. The cooperative video game Nobody Saves the World is designed to be enjoyed with a friend.

Bear in mind that while playing Nobody Saves the World in its single-player mode can be enjoyable in its own right, the true appeal of the game lies in the cooperative gameplay it offers.

The images of Nobody Saves the World are colorful and packed with a lot of personality. The character designs in the overworld have a strange, twisted, charming, and terrifying appearance, yet the layouts of many dungeons are virtually same. This gives the overworld a visually different appearance. Discovering each region of the game world and learning about its unique characteristics requires going through the entire game globe and exploring every inch of it. The soundtrack features a decent variety of musical styles, ranging from more aggressive rock to more serious and slower beats. This variety of musical styles serves to excite the player for dungeon-diving and exploring. The theme that Randy the Rad uses whenever Nobody is forced to interact with him is by far the finest music in the game since it properly captures the level of obnoxiousness that he exudes in certain situations.

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Image credit: DrinkBox Studios

Should you buy Nobody Saves the World?

Nobody Saves the World is a stellar PC co-op game. It can be a little repetitive, but it’s a title you’ll love if you have someone to play it with.

It’s engaging, compelling, and offers a lot of creative choices for players to experiment with. This is one weird post-apocalyptic action RPG you must play, especially with a friend! You can buy your Nobody Saves the World Steam key over at HRK Game!


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